Nettles Consulting has developed a proven five step process to transform your agency operations into efficient and profitable teams that are customer centric while wisely utilizing technology.  The five steps, Assessment, Preactive Planning, Benchmarking, Workflow, and Monitoring are detailed below. In addition, Nettles Consulting provides Information Management workflow. 

Operational Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive interview and evaluation of your service staff to identify opportunities to deliver an improved return on your technology investment.   The Assessment includes a review of activities, system utilization, workload distribution and capacity.   Once the assessment is completed, recommendations are made to use technology and role-based processing to create capacity in your agency. 

Preactive Planning

Nettles Consulting Preactive PlanningPreactive Planning sessions are designed to help agency leadership look beyond today's technology deliverables and define a vision for your customers.  How can your agency provide value to your current and future clients?

We will take your assessment results, coupled with agency goals and develop a plan for elevating and streamlining agency operations.



Benchmarking provides a measurable assessment about how your internal operations measure up against your vision as well as industry best practices.  Does the work your staff is doing today support the vision? Does your technology? 

Workflow Development and Implementation

Using your staff, a task force approach is employed to establish workflows which includeWorkflow Consulting Implementation detailed steps, quality control guidelines, and service standards to eliminate E&O and improve operational efficiency.  The workflows are customized for your agency and for your agency management system, benefits management system and document management system.  We match your current procedures against industry Best Practices Guidelines to ensure your agency gets the benefit of these already established guidelines.

Workflows can be developed for P&C (Commercial and Personal Lines) across all offices including: New Business, Pre-Renewal Process, Automatic Renewals, Quoting, Marketing, Binding Coverage, Endorsement Process, Certificate or Evidence of Insurance, Cancellation Process, and Audit Process.  Benefits workflows can also be developed for New Business, Renewals, RFP Process, Plan Implementation and Issue Resolution.

Information Management

Electronic filing is here to stay.  Paper files are a thing of the past.  Whether it is with your current agency management system or a third party document management vendor, every Nettles Consulting client can successfully eliminate paper files and better implement information management solutions.  Implementing streamlined document management features can increase productivity 15 to 25%. 


Independent Insurance MonitoringCreating workflows and providing workflow training establishes a foundation upon which to build. The goal of the audit/monitoring process is to not only review compliance, but to provide a benchmark where management can measure the impact that workflows and automation have on operations. An audit is performed that monitors workload distribution, compliance with workflows, and backlog. You’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing areas that need to be addressed from a management perspective. This includes statistical information highlighting your above and below average account managers and CSRs.

If needed, this audit will be conducted multiple times to ensure you have achieved the most from your Nettles Consulting engagement.




Case Study

Nettles Consulting and its over 100 clients have many success stories to share.  Check out Laura's blog at for examples of how Laura's process might work in your organization. 

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